10+ Examples of Inspirational and Creative Childrens Photography

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As a child, I can remember being dressed in my best clothes, having my hair cut and licked down, and tossed out the door to participate in that annual ritual of school photos. You remember those? The pictures would come back six months later and there you would be in all your aqua space background/plastered smile gorgeousness. If that wasn’t enough, you got multiple copies to send to all your relatives and, if you were really upper class, magnet photos to put on your fridge.

Childrens photography has certainly come a long way since and, with the rapid rise of digital cameras and amateur photographers, creating inspirational photos of your children is a lot more do-able. Taking a look around the web can find you tons of neat ideas for photographing your children. Here are 10+ examples of creative and inspirational childrens photography. Check them out after the leap.

Alice, over at My Modern Met, has more examples including some of the ones listed here. Check them out here.