11 Beautiful Examples of Infographics

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As we continue to try and struggle with the overload of information and statistics we are bombarded with every day, some designers and illustrators are taking things into their own hands and developing beautiful graphics to help make sense of all this data. While these graphics, or infographics as they are called, are perfect for in-depth articles, they are also beautiful in their own rights.They take complex information and breaks it down. The visual context works together with the simplified information to help a better comprehension of the data to take place. These could be great illustrations for students doing poster projects with information discovered from the internet on any kind of subject. I especially like the first infograph with the illustration of the age groups and their participation in web media.

Here are some more great examples of infographics for your viewing pleasure.

1. On-line Participation by Age Group

2. Resume

3. Choosing the Best Airplane Seat

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4. Member Bio

5. World’s Resources By Country

6. Oil Imports to the U.S.

7. Fast Food Stats

8. Energy Consumption

9. The Creation of Traffic Jams

10. 20 Things That Happen in 1 Minute


11. Estimated Food Consumption

WebDesignerDepot has more more great examples of infographics here.

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