13 Free Planner Pages and Resources For Teachers

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Even though it’s the end of the school year, the hunt for great resources never stops and one of the things that I have really been hunting for are teacher planner pages. Most times, I’ll find a link to a set of planning pages that takes me to teacherpayteachers (And admittedly, I have actually purchased one to use next year). However, once and awhile, I will come across a planning page that is free and really useful, either just as it is or as a template to create my own version. As I pieced together some of the recent teacher planner pages, I found some other resources that I thought I would share. It’s a wild mix of resources but they have all been of use to me and I hope, in sharing them with you, you will also find them to be useful.

I’ve put my favorite ones here to share with you. Where possible, you will see the source of the original file. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to include the source for all of them as I have had them for some time and don’t remember where I originally obtained them. Enjoy!

Peek At The Week

This is one I just found on Pinterest. I love it when I find great free items that are well designed. Print this out and you will have a nice overview of the week.


Download A-Peek-at-the-Week


Set of Free Downloadable Graphic Organizers

I found this set of graphic organizers a long time ago. I don’t even think you can find it any more. I thought I had lost it but, in going through some old files, recently rediscovered it. This set covers a number of different uses for graphic organizers and are nicely designed.


Download Graphicorganizers

Parent Communication Log

I have to admit that I have never used one of these before but, having found this one, I can definitely see myself using this next year if only to organize my widely flung and sometimes misplaced notes. It’s also a good way to standardize and make sure you are not forgetting anything.


Download  59391006-Parent-Communication-Log

Parent Conference Notes

Along the same vein, this paper will help you organize and keep track of your notes during a parent/teacher conference. Again, I have never used this before but, in my quest to be more organized this year, this another form I can see myself using.


Download Conference Notes

Printable Sticky Notes

A nifty idea that might save you some time and money, this template allows you to create somewhat personalized sticky notes you can use for your students. According to the directions, just print out the template, place sticky notes in the squares, and print them again. It might be a little time consuming but it’s a fun idea for use once and while.


Download Printable_sticky_notes

Notebook Assessment Form

I used this form last year and had the students tape it into each of their duotangs for all their subjects. It was one of the ways I encouraged students to keep their books more organized. They could use the form to see what I was looking for. Both the students and I thought it was a good tool.



Book Review Form

This is a form I put together using an Apple Pages template. We used it as a whole class book discussion with students putting their thoughts on paper after hearing the story but it could be used for other book related lessons as well.


Download Book review

Back to School Notebook

This is another file I found while searching through my files. I have never used it as it looks a bit young for my grade level but the younger elementary might enjoy it.


Download My_Back_to_School_Notebook

Handwriting Practice

It can be hard to find a good handwriting practice book so I have usually made my own. The first part of my handwriting practice book usually contains this resource as a reminder for the students. They usually have done handwriting before but only beginner stuff and they usually need some practice remembering what this whole thing is about.


Download ABC Cursive

Reading Log Form

This is a nice sheet you can print out for students to use as their way to keep track of their home reading especially if you have your students hand them in to you.


Download Readinglogembed

Lined Grids

This is another handy set of pdf’s you can print out and use. This one is for lined grids. With this set, you get a whole bunch of lined grids at varying sizes which you can print out for graphs and other projects. I have used this set a number of times and it is nice to have a readily available resources when you need a page of grids quickly.


Download  Linedgrids

Tangrams Handout

This is another fun handout to download when you need something for the students to do. It comes with instructions and activity instructions as well as the pictures for students to solve. You can print it out, cut the pieces out and laminate them.



Download Tangrams

Group Evaluation

This is another template from the Pages templates I converted into a group evaluation. Students would complete these when they had completed their group project as a way to reflect on their group collaboration as well as for me to get a different perspective on how they felt their group worked together.



Download Group Eval

Unit Planner

Another template I just found a couple of days ago. This one goes under the category of “Why didn’t I think of that?” This form gives you an organized method for building a unit for one of your subjects including places to put website urls, resources, brainstorming, subtopics, vocabulary and, with a nod to Social Media, a place to print out and stick your ideas from Pinterest.


Download Unit Study Planning