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iPads arrive in 4th grade...
2 Resources for Using iPads in the Classroom

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Having just bought the most recent version of Ipad, I can attest to the attraction of bringing this technology into the class. Students immediately gravitiate to it and the entry to use is minimal as students immediately grasp the user interface and how to navigate through the menus to the app they want.

The challenge, as with any technology, is to make it more than just a playtoy and to actually fit it within your curriculum. Recently, this document came across our desk from the Department of Education in Victoria, Australia which looks very useful.

In the document are a number of ideas for integrating 1-1 devices, various apps that are design for use in the classroom, and ideas for integrating the ipad into the classroom right away. While it has practical ideas, it also talks about the changing face of education and how technology plays into that. The website supporting the documents is a great resource with lots of extra information for educators.

Check it out at Ipads for Education

IPAds for Learning Getting Started

iPads for Learning Classroom Ideas

Ipads for Learning 21Steps

Kathy Shrock, one of the more notable of educational technology gurus, has also gathered a number of resources for the integration of ipads into the classroom for those looking for good apps and strategies.

Shrock Ipad Resources