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5 Sources of Creative Iphone Wallpapers

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Being the owner of an ipod touch, I am constantly on the lookout for creative and interesting wallpapers to put on my phone. I mean, your iphone/ipod touch says something about you, right? You have to show everyone that you are not just a part of the mainstream; that you are a creative, unique individual with tastes that are complex and . . .

Whoa, too many shades of Junior High there. Back to our topic. Anyway, there are many sites out there that have wallpapers or desktop pictures you can use. However, many of them are your run of the mill types that don’t have any flair or creativity. Listed below are four sites that share creative and out of the ordinary images you can download to your ipod touch or iphone free of charge.


Vladstudio has a large range of wallpapers created by Vlad Gerasimov. They run the gamut of interests, styles and topics and are always interesting. Some of them are more cartoon-ish than what I would normally want on my device but there are still many other options. Clicking on an image will take you to the download page where you can choose from a variety of sizes. If you look carefully, one of the options is for the iphone which also work for the ipod touch. It is a free download for personal use.


Veer has two things going against it. First of all, to get the free iphone wallpapers, you have to register. Luckily, the process is not that long or tedious. The second thing is that there are not as many images/wallpapers as other sites. However, what they lack is more than made up for in the quality of images and the creative aspect. The other neat thing is that new images are added each month by different artists which makes you want to keep coming back again and again to see what new and neat images you can have on your device. There is also a feed you can subscribe to so that you never miss additions.


This site has a nice mix of images curated by Shana Victor. The site deals with abstract, cartoonish wallpapers mostly but there are a few other types as well.

Flickr Iphone Wallpaper Pool

This vast repository (16,000+) of images takes some sorting through to find those really outstanding wallpapers but the sheer number of images included ensure that there will be something for everyone’s taste. The styles range the whole gamut of image themes and a variety of artists are included to help differentiate the styles included on the site.


This site is one of my favorites. This site is another site like Veer, where artists really get to be creative, take the minimal iphone screen size and seize inspiration to create wallpaper that does not strive to conform to the usual pool girls, movie star and fast car set. As the site curators state, Poolga is “all about art and design on hand-held devices and discovering talented illustrators and designers. We think that the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad are ideal devices for carrying around and showing off artwork. We focus on illustration and graphic design, but much enjoy and occasionally touch photography, typography and the fine arts.”