Hacking the Classroom: A New Year

Update on attempts to hack the classroom to create an inspiring and creative classroom space.

Starting the Year Off Right: Science Ideas for Week One

Science Penguin blog post on some first week activities to get your Science class off to a productive start at the beginning of the school year.

What to Do When Genius Hour Doesn’t Work

Discussion and ideas on what to do with students who are not engaged in Genius Hour or want to always change their project to something that is easier.

Is There Actually An Edtech Revolution?

Discussion on a recent Edsurge post about the rising edtech revolution. There are questions as to who is going to pay for this revolution and whether there actually is or if there actually can be a revolution in edtech.

Comparison of Educational Blogging Platforms

A comparison of the major educational blogging platforms.

Chromebook Resources for Teachers

Discussion on the purchase and implementation of Chromebooks and Google Apps for Education including a list of resources on using these tools in the elementary school.

Genius Hour Begins

Description of how we are implementing Genius Hour with the Grade 4 and Grade 6 classes. Includes resources and discussion of the steps we took before and during the start of Genius Hour. and the Classroom is a simple tool for creating a one page website to display your links for easy access. It is a great tool to use on classroom computers or in computers for students using teacher collected links.

Adding to the Coding Education Debate

NPR article discussing whether coding should be a literacy taught in schools along with second languages.

So Happy Together: Bill Nye Teams Up With NASA On New Series of Videos

Bill Nye teams up with NASA for a new series of videos starring the quirky and adorable scientist explaining NASA's new mission to Jupiter with the Juno satellite scheduled to reach Jupiter in 2016.