8 Sites to Help Teachers Find and Create Rubrics

Rubrics have been around for a long time and, while multiple choice and right or wrong answers are much easier to assess and mark, they are the assessment tool popular with the 21st century crowd. Once created, ...

13 Free Planner Pages and Resources For Teachers

13 Free Teacher Planning Pages and Resources for Teachers. A set of free pdf's for teachers to print out and use in the classroom to help with organizing planning and other activities.

End of School Activities for Elementary: Pop Up Cards

Robert Sabuda's site is a great resource of paper folding activities for students to enjoy and teachers to use in the last couple of weeks before school ends or any time you need something to fill the time and need ...

Use Pedagogy Wheel 2.0 to Help Integrate Technology

It can be difficult enough learning about integrating technology effectively and plan lessons without spending time trying to find the perfect technology resources to use. That’s why the current version of the ...

2 Resources for Using iPads in the Classroom

2 Great Resources for integrating Ipads into your classroom.

Core Resource Series: Math Part 1

Our new series looks at key online resources that can form the basis of a core resource curriculum to integrate Educational Technology into your programs. These are the sites we keep coming back to in our day to day ...

3 Ways to Update Old Skool Letter Writing

Three websites to use when teaching letter writing to students.

Finding Images and Using Video in the Classroom

Workshop material on adding video and images to a wordpress blog