Hacking the Classroom: Beginning of School

Description of several things I am doing to create an atmosphere in the classroom that encourages creativity and collaboration to get away from the standard look of a classroom.

The Best Edtech Podcasts to Help Kickstart Your Professional Learning Network

The Best Edtech Podcasts to Help Kickstart Your Professional Learning Network

Re-imagining The Classroom as a Place To Inspire Learning and Creativity

Examples of schools and classes where learning and inspiration are happening and showcase of learning spaces that spark creativity and the sharing of ideas and where children are the focus. Drawing inspiration from ...

Resources and Ideas For Bringing More Creativity Into Your Classroom

Resources to help educators build more creativity into their classroom and get students thinking outside the box with project based learning ideas you can easily add into your own classroom routine.

End of School Activities for Elementary: Pop Up Cards

Robert Sabuda's site is a great resource of paper folding activities for students to enjoy and teachers to use in the last couple of weeks before school ends or any time you need something to fill the time and need ...

Sir Ken Robinson speaking at the 2013 TED Conference outlines 3 principles crucial for the human mind to flourish.

Hubble Finds Galaxy That Shouldn’t Exist

Recent article from i09.com on the recent discovery of a galaxy defying current scientific thought forcing scientists to redefine the age of the universe.

Core Resources Series: Language Arts

Six essential core resources for integrating technology into the Language Arts class.

New Series: What Does Technology Integration Look Like In ….

Essential Edtech Core Resources: A list of sites that provided a challenging, adaptable, scalable way of bringing technology to the classroom

Top 5 Ways To Find Images Quickly and Easily

Top 5 sites sites to quickly and easily find images for your blog, website or documents.