Comparison of Educational Blogging Platforms

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One of my favorite Bloggers, Richard Byrnes (and you have to check out his fantastic site, has a great comparison chart of the major educational blogging platforms. Starting out from scratch with a class blog or even a personal blog, it can be tough to choose which platform. Many people have strong connections to and opinions about which platform is the best. I’ve used a number of these myself and, while I use wordpress for the majority of my blogging (I use edublogs as well but it’s built on wordpress so I don’t think it counts as being separate) each has it’s strengths and weaknesses based on your needs. I would tend to choose a blogging platform based on one of two things, how much power and customization you want or how easy do want blogging to be. Choosing amongst those two things will help you begin to sort through all the blogging platforms out there. I would also have listed Tumblr on there as it is a nice, easy to use platform for teachers just wanted to get something out there to use as a way to reflect on their practice. I wouldn’t use it as a class blog for kids to participate on but it is good for teachers just wanting to have something out there.

Take a look at the chart below:

ComparisonofBloggingServicesforTeachers (1) by ihancock

You can read his full post here.