Core Resource Series: Math Part 1

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Our new series looks at key online resources that can form the basis of a core resource curriculum to integrate Educational Technology into your programs. These are the sites we keep coming back to in our day to day work with students.  Today we are looking at Math.

> NCTM Illuminations:

This is a great site that follows the recommendations and goals of the National Council of Mathematics. No matter where you live, however, these activities and interactives can be a great fit for whatever topic you are teaching. On the site are a huge collection of resources that you can use on a smartboard with the students or as part of a lesson in the computer lab. All the activities and resources can be filtered by grade or subject/standards. This is probably my first go to site for illustrative examples that help the students visualize and interact with the topics we are learning about.

Check it out at NCTM Illuminations!

> A Maths Dictionary:

Another great resource, this online dictionary not only gives definitions for a huge variety of common math words kids use all the time but also helps to explain the topics using interactive activities. This can be  great site to have as a resource on your class/school website or blog or as an introductory activity. The site is bright, colourful, fun and very kid friendly. It’s updated every year.

Check the site out here!

> Number Gossip:

A fun site. I use this as a fun way to talk about numbers. You simply type in a number and the site will give you interesting facts about the number. I don’t use this site all the time but it can be a fun time filler. Just have a student give you a number and learn some interesting facts about that number. This would probably be more for the higher grades.

Check it out at Number Gossip!

> Numbernut:

As the site states, “This site offers an introduction to mathematics and its variety of topics. It’s not just for kids, it’s for everyone (even if you aren’t a number nut).”

The site provides a breakdown of math concepts in a very easy to read and understand step by step process. It then provides students with interactive activities to practice those concepts. The site provides topics that pretty well run the gamut of concepts. This is a great site to have as a resource for students and parents.

Check it out at Numbernut!

> Trains Math:

This game is part of a fantastic site for those teachers who have smartboards. The game itself is one that we play all the time as a way to practice our mental math. When you click play, a train appears with a sequence of numbers and operations. Students have to solve the sequence before the train disappears and another appears. You have the option of 30 secs 0r 60 secs for each train. At the end, answers appear to check the students work. The students really get into the game and it is a great way to fill a few minutes. The site also provides paper versions to practice with.

The teacherLed site itself is a great resource of free interactive activities that you can use with your class. The resources are all well made and easy to use. They cover a variety of topics and age ranges and also include resources for other subject areas. For example, there are map making resources for younger ages and spelling activities. Most of the resources are for math. The one thing that makes it sometimes difficult to use is that you really have to search and comb through the site to find really good ones. Another one from the site that I use all the time with the smartboard is that answer buttons. The site puts two buttons up on the board. You call out a question and the first student to hit the button gets to answer the question. The students love that activity as well and it is a great way to review concepts.

Check it out at Trains Math!

Do you have any great Math sites that are essential to your class activities? Let us know in the comments.

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