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Creative Writing With Inklewriter App: Choose Your Own Adventure Goes Digital

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There are a number of tools online for getting students involved in writing creative stories. One of my favorites is Storybird but for older students another great option is a new site I came across called inklewriter.Choose your own adventures were huge when I was younger. They were a quick read and, with the multiple choices, you could read the story over and over again. I think the other appeal was that the stories often ended in not so good endings. it was a refreshing to get to the end of an thread and realize that you had just come to a horrible ending. That didn’t happen a lot in most of the books I read when I was younger. Later on, I graduated to the Steve Jackson oeuvre of  choose your own adventures which had you rolling dice and calculating battle effectiveness.

Now you can relive the same fun by having your students write their own choose your own adventures using the Inklewriter website.

Site: Inklewriter

What Problem Are They Trying To Solve?

Creative writing can often be a difficult concept for teachers to create enthusiasm for in the class and students often get intimidated with the thought of having to write a whole story.

How Are They Solving It?

Inklewriter is a simple, easy-to-use online for writing simple interactive stories. It works in a web browser so there’s no setup and no installation. Just click on the link and start writing. Students will be able to save their work and test it without fuss. With a few clicks and a bit of imagination, anyone can start to tell a branching story – and with a bit more thought, they can harness the power of conditional logic to make their stories more intricate and rewarding. Sign up is easy and, the nice thing is, students don’t need an email address to sign up. You can create an email like address through inklewriter that bypasses that problem and allows teachers to sign up the class. Students can easily create choose your own stories where they can write a short text and add choices for the reader. The site has a very intuitive way of showing all the options the students has added so they can keep track of where their stories are going. The site also has a tutorial which you can go through to get up to speed on how to use the site. There are ways to share stories when you are done and you can also view completed stories from other writers.