Easy Online Voice Recorder for the Classroom

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Integrating technology into the class is the big thing now and rightly so. The ability to publish for large, diverse audiences and the sense of empowerment it instills in children, the ability to access real time information and the use of media to enliven classroom discussion has really created powerful tools for the teacher. Some tools on the web for publishing media can be easy and others can be quite tricky or time consuming. Audio content, I find, is very tricky/time consuming.

One way I have found to create easy voice recordings for use on blogs or websites, is Vocaroo. This is a very simple website to use. In fact, when you go there, all you are faced with is a small central box with a large record button. Simply plug in your mike (I find a headset mike is best though you will have to play around with the settings a little), click the button and record. The best thing is that, when you are done, you can easily email the audio file to someone, download it to your computer or embed it on a website or blog. Just copy and paste the code provided. You can also preview the recording before sending it or record it again.

If you are into fancy recording setups for bands or large groups, this may not be the service for you. But for simple, one on one recitations or projects, Vocaroo is a great site to use that is simple enough for even young children. Right now, I have my Grade 2 and 3 students reading their stories into Vocaroo and play them back so they can hear any mistakes they make. From there, they could easily send them to their parents or anyone else that might be interested. It’s just a really nice, easy to use voice recorder that does not require any setup or fiddling around with to quickly get media published to your blog or website. The kids love hearing their own voice and really enjoy seeing and hearing it on the class blog. vocaroo-14phcy7

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