End of School Activities for Elementary: Pop Up Cards

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With the end of school rocketing towards us faster than Superman, it can always be difficult to keep the student’s attention. The warm weather, longer days and the knowledge that there really isn’t a whole lot more to teach with report cards basically done, all make for a difficult last few days for teachers. It’s always nice to have a few fun activities saved for these last couple of weeks and I just came across a great new site with some fabulous activities to save for just these types of days.

Robert Sabuda is a well known pop-up artist. He has written and created a number of very creative pop-up books that I know my kids love. In fact, it’s all I can do to keep the books in good enough shape for the next years kids. What I didn’t know was that he has a fabulous site full of information about the creation of pop up books as well as a whole bunch of pop-up cards you can download, print out and make yourself. They are all arranged by skill level needed to make. I just tried the pirate ship card this afternoon which was rated as being difficult. It turned out all right and I would definitely do better if I did it again, but it wasn’t too tricky. The trickiest part was deciphering the steps from the pictures as he does not have written instructions. Other than a couple moments most of the pictures were easy to figure out. It’s a great site and I know that kids would love having fun making some neat pop-ups for their friends and family. However, be sure that you print them out on heavier paper so they keep their shape. Oh, and if you want them coloured, make sure you do it before cutting and gluing!

Official Website of Robert Sabuda

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