How to Integrate Technology into your Art Program

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Just a couple of days ago, I received a link to a new Art resource. It looks like Google is bringing the Streetview love to Art!

Bringing their cameras into the art galleries of the world, Google has created a virtual fieldtrip that is a wonderful resource for teachers looking to show students artwork that would not ordinarily be available to students.

Now, I know what you are saying. You can look up and find images of the art online already. However, Google has taken that idea and made it even better by actually taking you to such places like the Hermitage in St.Petersburg, the Versaille Palace in France. Students can virtually walk down the hallways of these great centers of art and view the artwork as it hangs on the wall. Not only that but you can also view specific pictures at close-up as if you were standing right in front of it. You can zoom in on the art and the detail shows up so clearly and sharp. It also gives you detailed information and history on the art and artist which is great for students researching.

Let’s take a bit of a tour.

Main Screen

Entering the site, you will see a beautiful display showing a close up of a random piece of artwork. Along the left side, you will see some choices for art galleries from around the world. You will see options for choosing artwork or exploring the museum. Choosing artwork, will give you all the artwork that they have closeup ability for. Choosing the Explore Museum will allow you to “walk” through the gallery you chose much likeĀ  a google map.

Gallery View

Clicking on Explore Museum will take you to a google maps like page where you can move around the galleries like you would if you were in Streetview on a Google Maps page. Along the right, you can get more information on the gallery, location and history. You can also select Floor plan to move quickly through the different areas of the museum.

Though you can’t see it here, some of the artwork will display a plus sign on it allowing you to take a closer look at specific art pieces in greater detail.

Take A Closer Look At Specific Artwork:

Clicking on the plus sign brings up to the close up view of the artwork where available. Along the right side is a detailed information area giving information on the artist, history of the artwork and more. It even gives you audio information for some of the artworks as well as a Google Map showing the birthplace and where the artist died.

If you have a Google Account you can also create a gallery of your favorite artists and artwork and create your own art collection.

Google Art Project is a great way to bring technology into the art class in a way that is interactive and informative. You could create your own collections of a specific artist if you are focusing on a specific stytle of art. You could focus on elements of artwork and show up close and detailed views of those techniques to your students. You could also create a collection of art based on a theme. With all the added information, this site is also a great resource tool for students studying artists.Or you could just explore around and look at great art in some of the most incredible museums of the world. Not many students are going to get a chance to visit the Hermitage. This is a great opportunity to do that!

To see more and to get started bringing great technology into your Art class, go to!

Do you have any great art resources you use in your class? Let us know by sending us a comment below!

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