Lovefonts: Linden Hill

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As frequent visitors (I know you’re out there!) to our blog know, I have a particular fondness for fonts. I think having a large collection of fonts can spice up your worksheets, newsletters, etc. In my Lovefonts segments, I like to share that love for fonts and help you add to your burgeoning collections so you too can create awesome print material! As I always say, the more fonts you have, the more ways you can show love!

Lovefonts: Linden Hill

From the League of Moveable Type, a great place for free, high quality fonts, comes a very nice font called Linden Hill. According to the site, Linden Hill is:

a digital version of Frederic Goudy’s Deepdene. The package includes roman and italic.

Now, I won’t pretend to understand the history of making a digital version from Deepdene. What I do know is this is a very nice classic looking font. It can be used for more formal letters home, reports, newsletters where you want to have a more serious conversation with the recipient. What I like about it is that you can use in a many areas unlike some fonts where they are limited in where you can use them

You can download Linden Hill by checking it out here!