LoveFonts: The Fell Types

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Every couple of weeks, I will be showcasing a different font for those who have a fetish for love fonts. Whether for class worksheets, brochures, newsletters or anything else, using a font that doesn’t usually appear in your standard font list can add something distinctive and classy to your work.

Today, LoveFonts showcases the set of fonts labeled “The Fell Types”. This set of fonts is described as “A set of free modern revival fonts, with ligatures, swash characters, and ornaments, digitalized by Igino Marini.” They are a very old style of font which has been digitized from their original documents. I love this set of fonts and use them a lot as they add a very classy and old style look to my documents. They are also very versatile unlike other unusual fonts in the Grunge family or the handwritten fonts. A sample of the fonts is below:

You can get the fonts here at the Fell Types Modern Revival Fonts site.

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