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Teachers are busy people. (Don’t pretend you don’t know that already). We don’t have a lot of time to find and develop new resources that can be integrated into our curriculum. We tend to find a few good resources and work on those few to their full potential. This is the same with online resources. Yes, there are tons of sites out there and more being developed every day. However, it can quickly get overwhelming and tiring always trying to use the newest and coolest sites.

What if we had

Essential Edtech Core Resources?

A list of sites that provided a challenging, adaptable, scalable way of bringing technology to the classroom?

What if there were sites that could be the cornerstone of our classroom technology focus for both students and teachers?

What if technology integration could be less frustrating or overwhelming by focusing on the few instead of the many?

This series is an attempt to bring some sanity to integrating technology. For the next couple of weeks, we will be focusing on a specific subject at the elementary level (though some may apply to higher levels) and listing sites and resources that we believe can be the main focus of your edtech curriculum. These sites have been chosen as they fit within most of the following criteria:

  1. Adaptable – Sites can be used in many ways.
  2. Develop Thinking Skills – Sites allow for creativity
  3. Interactive – Allow students and teachers to interact and contribute
  4. Useful – This is somewhat general but these would be sites that provide a useful service
  5. Scalable – Allows for uses that start simply but can be expanded to more challenging tasks

While you may not agree with our choices, these are the sites that we keep coming back to time and time again even as we become enamored with new sites that come to our attention. However, we would love to hear about the sites you think are essential to your programs!

Check back in the following weeks to see our choices and begin building tech into your classroom the sane way!