Hacking the Classroom: Beginning of School

Description of several things I am doing to create an atmosphere in the classroom that encourages creativity and collaboration to get away from the standard look of a classroom.

Build Your Own Interactive School Art Gallery Using QR Codes

Create your own Interactive School Art Gallery using QR codes with this list of resources and instructions. This blog posts describes some of the online and offline resources I use to find amazing art projects and ...

Sir Ken Robinson speaking at the 2013 TED Conference outlines 3 principles crucial for the human mind to flourish.

Hubble Finds Galaxy That Shouldn’t Exist

Recent article from i09.com on the recent discovery of a galaxy defying current scientific thought forcing scientists to redefine the age of the universe.

How to Integrate Technology into your Art Program

How to Integrate technology and web resources into your Art class with Google Art Project!

WP Bundle By Function

A bundle of wordpress themes, icons and images.

10+ Examples of Inspirational and Creative Childrens Photography

10+ Examples of Inspirational and Creative Childrens Photography

3 Ways to Update Old Skool Letter Writing

Three websites to use when teaching letter writing to students.

Design Ideas: Re-purposing Old Books

From the website Re-nest: Abundant Design for Green Homes, Jason Thompson describes how he uses old paper back novels to make postcards.

Take Back Your Thoughts: Simple Brainstorming Tool For Mindmapping

A simple, easy to use mindmapping application for brainstorming ideas and thoughts.