Lovefonts: Lato

I have a particular fondness for fonts. I think having a large collection of fonts can spice up your worksheets, newsletters, etc. In my Lovefonts segments, I like to share that love for fonts and help you add to ...

LoveFonts: League Gothic

A new font to share and download. League Gothic is a revival of the old classic, Alternate Gothic No. 1.

LoveFonts: Aliens

A new font called Aliens. Artsy and kidsy for all your school worksheets to add some fun and liven up those boring old worksheet.

3 Ways to Update Old Skool Letter Writing

Three websites to use when teaching letter writing to students.

Design Ideas: Re-purposing Old Books

From the website Re-nest: Abundant Design for Green Homes, Jason Thompson describes how he uses old paper back novels to make postcards.

Design Your Own Minimalistic Poster

A tutorial based on the 2009 International Year of Astronomy poster series by Simon Page.

30 Examples of Minimal Design in Posters

30 Examples of Minimal Design in Posters

11 Beautiful Examples of Infographics

11 Beautiful Examples of Infographics

Fonts for educators and people interested in designing interesting and unique print materials.