Creative Writing With Inklewriter App: Choose Your Own Adventure Goes Digital

Inklewriter is a web app that allows students to write and share choose your own adventure stye stories in an easy to use online environment. Students can create multiple paths for their stories and teachers can ...

Updated! Hacking the Classroom: Coding For Beginners!

Teaching students to program has become a hot topic lately with advocates on both sides of the issue coming out strongly. Fueling this debate has been the emergence of several online tools teachers, parents and ...

End of School Activities for Elementary: Pop Up Cards

Robert Sabuda's site is a great resource of paper folding activities for students to enjoy and teachers to use in the last couple of weeks before school ends or any time you need something to fill the time and need ...

Hubble Finds Galaxy That Shouldn’t Exist

Recent article from on the recent discovery of a galaxy defying current scientific thought forcing scientists to redefine the age of the universe.

Easy Online Voice Recorder for the Classroom

Easy Online Voice Recorder for the Classroom.

3 Ways to Update Old Skool Letter Writing

Three websites to use when teaching letter writing to students.