Too Much Stuff! What’s an Edtech Teacher to Do?

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So. Here’s the situation. I come home from a full day of teaching, walk through the front door and suddenly realize that I can barely drag my legs through the hallway. I get to the kitchen and start emptying out the pockets of my hand. As my wife stands there amazed, jaw agape, I empty the equivalent of a Staples Home Office store out onto the counter. Pens, whiteboard markers, eyeglass wipe, wallet, iphone, flip camcorder, keys, chalk (not sure what they are doing in my pocket. I haven’t used a chalkboard in years!) and an assortment of accumulated junk.

Does this sound like you? As a teacher, you just end up stuffing things in your pocket as you go through your day knowing that at some point you are going to need it again and not have it handy if you don’t have it stored on you. And now, with all the new technology that a fabulous edtech person like yourself (you know you are!) has to carry around, it can be difficult to find a strong enough and large enough set of pockets to carry it all in.

That’s why I think this new coat I found is awesome.

The company is called Scottevest and they make this awesome line of jackets and apparel that allow you to carry all your stuff around with you. Just as a disclaimer, I don’t work for or have any associations with this company. However, as soon as I saw it, I knew that this could be an answer to my bulging pockets. This coat has pockets for everything and apparently is designed to feel comfortable and light even with all your stuff in it. It has pockets for your pens, iphone, earbuds, phone, wallet and even (in certain sizes) an ipad. Now, I haven’t actually tried one on yet but I have been dropping hints like crazy for my birthday. If it is as comfortable and looks as nice as it does in the pictures than I am going to be one happy, well stocked teacher! I don’t normally advertise things but I just felt that this was exactly the sort of thing an edtech teacher could really use to always have the equipment they need handy. Suddenly need your flip? Open a side pocket and there it is! Need more memory? That’s on the inside pocket. Where’s your ipad so your students can do some video editing? Oh, wait! Here it is in my inside pocket. Anyway, here is a video below showing how it works:

Check it out at!

Do you use a scottevest? How do you carry all your edtech gear around school and back and forth? Let us know in the comments below!