Tutorial: Minimal Blog Design

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I love tutorials! One of the great things about the internet to emerge is a sift in information being held by a few knowledgeable people in an industry to the sharing of information. No matter what you are interested in doing there is somewhere on the internet where you can go to get information, tips and tutorials to doing the things you have always dreamed of doing. This is the case for web design. Do you want to build a website? There is a tutorial for that. And today, your weekend here at begins with a very nice tutorial by most inspired for a minimal blog design. It also comes with the photoshop files which is a great bonus. It’s for a blog design but you can use the same principles as for a website. As well, the tutorial only gives you the tutorial for building the design in photoshop; not the coding or a way to convert it to html. However, there is no better way to learn about website design and coding than actually go through the steps of building your own site. With all the tutorials out there, you have lots of chances to practice. Check it out and get your website started! If you build it, we will come. Send us a comment and the link and let us know about your experience building it. We’d love to see what people out there are doing!