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Disclaimer: This is not a paid announcement. I am not in any way associated with Function though I have joined as a backer of this project.

I have been using WordPress for a few years now, mostly as the backend of our class blog through Edublogs. However, I have recently been moving beyond the usual tools and resources using wordpress and am attempting to work things out on my own which has resulted in the wordpress theme and blog you are on right now. It took awhile to get this site going, mostly because it took awhile to find the right host. However, the other step which took awhile was deciding on the right template to use. There are many free options out there but it can be difficult to get away from the crowd.

WPbundle by Function may be the way to do that.

These intrepid¬† designers are working on a bundle of templates, icons and images that they are going to be selling as a package with free upgrades and continuing additions. While this won’t work for my current blog, I am working on a new Home Reading website which will need a beta start page. While this looks like a great solution for anyone needing a package of website/blog templates, icons and images that have many of the features you have come to expect and more, there is a catch. The designers are trying to raise cash to justify spending their time building the bundle (though it looks like they are already moving along on the project based on screen shots), through a site called Kickstarter. Here is a description of the project:

We’re building a bundle of 10 WordPress Themes. This bundle of will also include one massive set of Icons, and various other useful goodies. The goal is to have a set of themes, that are constantly updated with upgrades and new styles, giving you a set of themes that are always & improving & evolving.


What’s Special about the Bundle.

Open Source Code

The actual code behind the Themes will be open source. This allows us to offer the code to anybody for any use, as well as leaving the door open for developers to contribute, improve and evolve the code. The actual Themes will be released under GPL allowing anyone who buys the themes to use full themes on multiple projects without any restrictions.

Multiple Variations

We’re looking to do a little more than just offer some colour variations. For every theme we make we’re going to offer complete re-stylings of the themes too. We’re doing this to show just how adaptable the themes are, and also to give you more variety.

Ongoing Upgrades & Variations

We’re going to keep on top of all of our themes, offering not only ongoing updates and upgrades, but ongoing variations. These variations will be done by us as often as possible, but we’ll also look to the community to work with some talented and like-minded designers & developers to work on ongoing alternative styles. Anyone who has purchased the Bundle will receive these updates free of charge as and when they are released, this includes anyone backing $80.

Modern Design

We’re hoping to take advantage of the latest technologies and design trends to make our designs stand out in the WordPress themes market. We’ll be running our Progress Blog which will feature photographs and screenshots of the designs in progress, so you’ll be able to see the quality of design work for yourself, as we go.

One Single Payment

No monthly subscription, simply pay for the bundle once and you’d have access to updates, fixes and style variations throughout the life of the project. Anyone backing $80 will have technically bought the bundle at less than half price.

Why we need backers.

In order to offer ongoing style variations, theme upgrades and support we feel that it would benefit to our customers if we look at getting some outside talent on-board & involved in the team.

This means hiring some creative WordPress designers & developers to help us with the process. With your help we’ll be able to get some fantastic people involved in this project at an earlier stage.

The majority of the work will be done, and already has been done by us. We’ll work on the 10 core themes, and a good few style variations ourselves, both pre-launch and throughout the life of the Bundle. With your support though we can take this a step further. If we reach our goal it will give us the opportunity to work with other designers to build up the number of style variations that we can offer to you as a customer.

Whether you’re buying the bundle early at less than half price, or just showing your support with a $10 backing we’re more than happy to give you the chance to get involved as much as you want.


One of the main reasons we decided to allow early buyers and backers on KickStarter is that it gives us a venue where we can invite a few like-minded people to help shape the bundle. The closer we get to completing the project the more we see a need to have a third opinion on our decisions and direction.

You can get involved as little or as much as you want, there’s no pressure to help test or give feedback, the offer is just open to anyone looking to help us on a completely different level.

Finally, here is a video of the project:

Update: The project has now moved passed the Kickstarter campaign and is now selling the bundle through their website. It’s pricy though. One them will cost you $50, while the full bundle will cost you $200. However, if you want some beautiful themes and graphics that will last you for a long time, this might be a good place to start. It might be a tough sell though with lots of competition out there including themeskingdom.

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